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Secret to Success? A Ring

November 19th, 2012 at 06:08 pm

Good to see the LA Times Sunday paper report people will be buying increased Made in USA gifts. Happy to say this was in the business section, not the lifestyle section, a sign to me that the mindset is more serious and less a trend. Perhaps the broken record chorus of 'patronize small business' and 'keep it local' is sinking into the public conscious!! Here's the

Text is Red White and Blue Christmas and Link is,0,1882222.story
Red White and Blue Christmas article.

Seems to match my reality last Saturday! I have picked and chosen special events to sell my handmade jewelry and accessories carefully over the past five years. Dropping the shows that are marketed weaker, or tend toward lower priced wares, or are too expensive for me as a seller.

So this year I am participating in 4 shows only, 2 that I do not need to be present and 2 that I do need to be present.

The second show of the year was on Saturday, a relative new kid on the block event. It was put on by our small but good quality small town museum. Scheduled for Saturday afternoon only, a 3 hour period. I agreed to have a table because it would be a new customer base and the atmosphere would probably be a bit higher end than the usual home/church boutique crowd.

I hoped the museum had a loyal following or at least a built-in crowd who would be going to their exhibits anyway, but it was a gamble because the location is a tad off the main pedestrian track. I also would not know how many other jewelry tables would be there (first come first served policy). Sometimes there is a glut of jewelry which results in turning off the customers. This was only the 2nd year they held it, so they didn't know !!

The day dawned rainy and bleary. The kind that people stayed home though, Poo.

I'm glad to say the attendence was good, the type of vendors was mixed and I did great! My secret? I've learned to put out front and center -- RINGS. People love trying them on for fun. Doesn't matter if they intend to buy. They are eye catching and they stay to chat, end up looking longer at the other items, and yes, it makes sales.

Here is one of the last unique rings I have left and available online.

Copper Ring - Art meets Environment

I love the asymmetrical design inside the circle. An interesting story what this ring started from. Read it
Text is here and Link is

If you know what an Etsy treasury is, click
Text is here and Link is
here to see this ring in a beautiful group of other hand made work.

Thanks for your time!

2 Responses to “Secret to Success? A Ring”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Cool how you incorporated the watch switch-out. I found a huge one surrounded by rhinestones last summer. I tossed it in my jewelry drawer and though I might make something with it--It will likely become a scarf or beret pin.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    make a teacher/hostess/coworker gift with it? hair barrette? (glue it to a blank clip, put a mini stuffed animal in the middle)

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