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It's ok to play with your food, at least for this reason...

November 16th, 2012 at 04:16 pm

One of the non profits I volunteer with is having a fun game this holiday. An Ornament Challenge - everyone starts with the same thing and makes an ornament. This is our 5th year holding the contest. In the past the starting item has been... eggcarton
...a waterbottle
...a cardboard box

We pick something no or almost no cost, readily available to anyone, and would spark the imagination!

I'm one of the main person's behind the event and got to pick the starting item a couple months ago! This year it is 'pasta' (raw, any size or shape).

It is a very low cost event, free to the public, geared especially to kids but we have some very serious adult entries. It's so entertaining just seeing the different end ideas! A volunteer judge comes and picks winners in adult and kid categories and we give prizes at an award party.

Remember all the

Text is smart inexpensive gift ideas and Link is
smart inexpensive gift ideas I gave in the last post? See how I turn those into reality as prizes for the contest:

Celebration Wine Glass Set

Starting with a wood box re-used from a company office item, I thrift shopped for nice glasses and found 4 footed water glasses at $1 ea. Then beaded the stems with gold and lavendar glass beads. Added a mini sparkling cider and red wine, and tied with a big bow around artificial lilac. Voila!

This idea is very adaptable:

Beading the glass stems is completely optional, there are very nice unadorned glasses to be had.

no box? Start with a thrift basket, there are dozens of sizes and shapes.

eat, not drink! Substitute a pretty little serving plate(s), fancy knife or fork, a couple napkins and add a few specialty chocolates, crackers or cookies.

What do you think?

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  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Looks great!

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