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8 and a Half Inexpensive Supremely Smart Thoughtful Gift Ideas

November 15th, 2012 at 06:01 pm

There are so many choice inexpensive gifts!! Are you willing to unplug and think outside the big box? Let me count the ways ....

THRIFT AND CONSIGNMENT FINDS. I'm not talking worn out shoes or faded jeans. Guess what my favorite find is lately?

Silk scarves. It is a bit sad to see the gorgeous work and material of these in abundance at the thrifts. For $2 or so. GO SAVE A SILK SCARF! There are fringed ones, scalloped ones, all manner of prints and colors. The long ones are supremely fashionable lately.

Hand wash thoroughly, iron perfectly. I dare you to pick up a vintage pin to match, pop in a (dollar store) gift box with pretty tissue paper and give to a **mom** **friend** **teen** **hostess** (or ME!!)

More, much more.

Vintage leather gloves. I can't resist gloves lately myself. Get a pair and add swarovski crystals, sew on tiny beads, or hot glue some flowers. Just try it! Here's a pair of inexpensive knits I jazzed up.

Gold and Green Orange Pop Gloves

Available on line

Text is here and Link is
here. Sequin trim on the wrists, felt flowers on the back.

Beaded, cashmere, or fur-trimmed sweaters. My thrifts have a 'better' section with some pretty amazing clothing. If yours doesn't, I bet a good consignment store does. Pick a classic cardigan style xip or button up sweater which has a universal fit.

DVDs. Even if we are entering the movie download age, it's not fully widespread yet! I want to give my family a few movies to watch together, so my first thought was browse Amazon. Sure there are some great used deals. But I was SURPRISED how many there are already at the thrift store! At $2 or $3 each, it is worth a try.

Board games. I am old enough to want to get my family together to play a game once in a while. Even if it is just in winter. And, guess what? They oblige and it makes memories. If you have a couple kids on your list, especially siblings to give to, go for some classic games. There are PLENTY in the thrifts. Scrabble? yes. Candyland? yes. Life? yes.

Puzzles. Ditto reasoning above. Jigsaw puzzles are good family bonding time!! Nothing too hard, stick to a couple hundred pieces. Dedicate a coffee table and leave it out for a week. Yes, you will catch your kids adding pieces here and there.

Books. Gardener? Cook? These never go out of style and date. Pack into a basket with a few supplemental things such as seed packets, cloth napkins, spices. Little kid's books. They don't care if the books are new!! They just need lots to read and learn. Look for the Scholastic label, Newberry medal, and trusted titles.

All of these choices fit the very worthwhile ethos of re-using! And even more, the thrifts benefit charitable groups, ie Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Can you stand any more?

Wine Glasses, Footed Mugs or Small Serving Dishes. There are tons of these in the thrifts. Hand wash with hot water, dry to a sparkle. Pack in a (thrift) basket with a hot chocolate mix, mini sparkling apple juice, or box of specialty candy.

Stay tuned here for more EXCELLENT ideas to give thoughtful and smart gifts.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Now I want to go thrifting. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure many of these could be most useful to our crowd here.

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