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Rock? Pop? Classical? A Commercial Tune is a sign of the times

October 18th, 2012 at 05:14 pm

Neither of my kids listen to music alot. Of course, these days one does not buy records, tapes or even CDs. Neither do my kids seem to desire tunes for their iPod type devices. We don't watch the teen TV shows which seem to have bands integrated into the themes. They have a radio in their room but you have to look closely, it's really simply a clock/alarm (with a radio inside). In fact my son has his alarm set to the beep for waking up - not the radio.

Thank goodness we watched both Fantasia movies many times when the were little! They know those classical passages and can recognize George Gershwin.

I love music and had a radio glued to my ear through my teens. Music is such a mood lifter. A great tune makes me go work out! So fuddy duddy ol' mom plays classical or pop or classic rock on the car radio to school. The kids recognize Paul McCartney (though they don't know much of the Beatles), know some of the latest bands (though it took me a long time to figure out what Lady Gaga sang because I don't listen to those kinds of stations), and have a few (very few) modern favorites.

When my daughter needed to pick a tune for doing a figure skate program, she did not have a favorite. I put on some old CDs (though she completely rejected Bruce Springsteen, Nickelback, any Windham Hill new age stuff and even my husband's Duran Duran collection). We browsed around Songza (a really fun free app). Nothing struck her.

So what did she pick? Answer below!

A word from our sponsor (not really, it's just me!). Just one of the fall glove designs from Pretty Cheap Jewelry. Click my FB page (left sidebar) to see others.

Peachy Pink on Teal

Peach sequined fronds on pale teal gloves. Made even more delicious with peachy pink glass beads from the wrists and up the back.

The tune? a little skate friend was using a Home Depot commercial song and pointed out this

Text is Lowe's commercial tune and Link is
Lowe's commercial tune . Crazy, but she said yes.

Just a sign of these times, don't you think?

1 Responses to “Rock? Pop? Classical? A Commercial Tune is a sign of the times”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I actually love that song. There have been a couple of commercial songs that have been really great this year. The gloves are lovely.

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