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Golden Egg - Done

October 1st, 2012 at 05:06 pm

If you've been watching this blog, you've seen the making of a golden egg. Though I wish it was the type laid by a goose, in fact, it is a REAL egg that I've blown, dried and decorated with painted patterns, trim and swarovski crystal.

Take a look at

Text is Steps 1 through 5 and Link is
Steps 1 through 5

I left off showing the finished the top and bottom thirds.

The center band needed a different pattern, but something that had similar color, shape or style as the parts already done. Something that tied together the gold ribbon, the swarovski crystal, the black pinstripes, and the set of 5 little decorations in maroon and copper spaced evenly around the midpoint.

Hmmmmm! This was the point where a bit of artistry, creativity and imagination was needed. It was hard for me to figure out! I let it sit for a couple days looking and thinking of different ideas.

First, I decided to bring out the copper on the little center emblems. A kind of easy choice since I already had the copper glitter glue (from a past project) and knew I wanted to use it somehow.

Step 6. Add Copper Pin Lines.

I added an arrow and drop line at each emblem with the copper glitter glue. This accomplished 2 things: (a) repeated the copper color in the emblem (which had not been repeated yet and kind of needed to be), and (b) made separate compartments around the center band. Separate compartments would be much easier to decorate in the overall design.

Step 7. Add Painted Gold Scallops.

The final idea to come up with was the hardest!! What would look good in each of those compartments? It had to tie the whole thing together!! I liked scallops but did not want the whole compartment to be filled with a pattern because it would look to busy.

So I tried to make a scallop in a circular shape (like a flower with petals) with light gold paint (which I also already had). The color was right. The pattern mimicked the crystals. It seemed to fit well. My only issue is that I am not very precise with the size of each 'petal'!

And here is the finished Golden Egg!

Thx for reading and watch for more fun and fine crafts right here!

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