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Golden Egg - Step 4 and 5

September 26th, 2012 at 06:27 pm

The proverbial golden egg! A sought after treasure and something near and dear to a frugal life stylist. Wouldn't it be fun to give one as a gift? Perfect for the newlyweds! Or as appreciation to a life long spouse who's been saving and providing for a family for years. Even funny for a retiring employee.

I will show you steps in the decorating of a real turkey egg. It's not expensive to do, and if you don't have access to the real thing, there may be artificial ones at craft supply stores. I hope the design will inspire you to give it a try!

It starts with blowing and prepping the egg, and early design planning. See

Text is Steps 1 - 3 and Link is
Steps 1 - 3 for photos.

Step 4. To repeat or not to repeat? Repeated patterns result in a pleasing effect, but I would avoid doing too much of a good thing (it's more interesting to have a few different patterns). I decided the top and bottom areas of this egg will be similar in design, and the central band will be different.

So I glue a strip of gold braid trim around the top third of the egg to isolate where the pattern will change. It makes it easy for me to STOP adding a pattern if the ribbon is there!

The rest of the top pattern will be a second row of crystals and painted black hatches.

The second row of crystals was easy to put in place - they are just alternating in the spaces below the first row! And the little black painted lines around the ribbon are in a sort of wave pattern, but could have been a more simple design.

Step 5. Next I repeat those patterns around the bottom, except I decided to do only one row of crystals and one row of the black hatches next to the ribbon.

Come back for Step 6 in a future post.

If you liked this idea, here's a couple more!

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