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Step by Step Golden Egg

September 25th, 2012 at 05:00 pm

A finished jewel adorned egg is wonderful to see, but it's really fun to watch the transformation in progress.

I invite you to visit this blog over the next few days and watch the steps in the third of my original creations.


Step 1. Starting with a turkey egg (lucky I have a source!), I blow the inside, dry for a few days on the shelf and then paint with simple craft paint. This is a pearl gold color which took several coats.

Step 2. Cut a small piece of co-ordinating fabric (from a scrap) and glue over the blow holes at the tips. I used E6000 glue, a bit better craft glue than white glue. A small triangle or circle of ribbon, or even colored paper could be used instead of fabric.

After the hole covering dries, thread a loop of string through a bead and knot on the bead underside so it does not pull through. Glue the bead, knotside down, at the top of the egg. Glue a decorative bead or two at the bottom tip for a nice balanced look.

Step 3. Plan the design. In this case I decided to start with a pattern at the mid point. I used small decorative stick on body jewels (these are 'bindi's from a store with India supplies). Rather than rely on the sticker, I glued them permanently. I prefer to do the design almost entirely by hand, but these body jewels were exotic and very inexpensive. (You could use any of the huge variety of stickers in scrapbook stores.)

Also, start hand painting little accents. Here I have added hatch marks around the tip. This design extends the fabric circle and is a transition to the next adornment.

Come back for Steps 4 and 5 in future posts.

Click to see the

Text is Tuxedo Egg and Link is
Tuxedo Egg

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Text is Pagoda Egg and Link is
Pagoda Egg

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    Very pretty!

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