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Tuxedo Egg - From Farm to Formal

September 24th, 2012 at 06:36 pm

Making use of things already on hand is a pleasure. Not to mention a frugal and environmental plus. Why spend money or consume more resources if you are thoughtful and smart enough to 'just so happen' to have what fits the need.

Instead of throwing away, I keep a good variety of supplies in my craft storage just for this reason. I don't always know what something's future use will be, but maybe it just seems to be worth saving.

In my desk right now? Some examples:

- clean empty nut containers (with tight fitting lid)
- box of bits of ribbon and trims
- ziploc bag of embroidery threads
- a couple dozen pair disposable wood chopsticks
- odds and ends artificial leaves and flowers

Now a person could overdo it and hoard too much, but I am good with limiting the supply. When the box of ribbons is full, that's it! No more saving until some are used. I also have a strong desire to reuse and visit my supply storage for gift wrapping, school projects, and fundraising donations frequently!

So when I started buying a neighbor's eggs (for better nutrition and to go more local), I just couldn't pass up trying to decorate some of the wonderful big turkey shells.

I already had: a few bottles of craft paint from an old project, some stray beads, some glue on swarovski crystals, and those bits of ribbon!

The first egg was practice, but I loved the results! It reminds me of a pagoda (see pictures on my Pretty Cheap Jewelry Facebook page

Text is here and Link is
here or just click the FB box in the left sidebar. Click on the FB pictures to see the whole thing better, top and bottom).

The second one was going to be even more fancy! Introducing the....

Tuxedo Egg

Painted with black gloss, the top and bottom are capped with a ring of swarovski crystal. Red scallops near the top are duplicated with tiny silver dots. The lower half is painted with a red diamond pattern tufted with tiny swarovski crystals. A hanging thread is included.

Not bad and I only had to buy a $2.79 tiny paint brush!

I'm now working on a Golden Egg (and no, I am not a goose, Mother or otherwise). This time I'm taking progress pictures. You can see steps 1 - 4 already on my FB biz page
Text is here and Link is
here and, again, click on the photos to see them better.

Or simply watch here for the story over the next week!

2 Responses to “Tuxedo Egg - From Farm to Formal”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Very nice!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    They are lovely.

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