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Replogle - Why is it not in the Dictionary?!

September 10th, 2012 at 05:29 pm

You've almost surely seen one. You can google it. It's a bit different, but not that unusual. So why isn't it in the dictionary? Well I learned what the word was in September.

My husband is a earth scientist and teaches world geography at night. He is also the sentimental half of us (read: SAVES stuff and likes neat surprises on his birthday).

In September we were inside a nice consignment furniture store looking for a dresser for my daughter, to my surprise he practically hollered "I've been looking for one of these all my life!"

Oh, really? All your life? First time I knew this.

Anyway, I told him to get on his phone while I continued to dresser hunt, and look on ebay to research going prices for such a thing. This one was about $100. Yes, there was a similar used one for about double the price.

Well he stood next to it for another 30 minutes worrying that someone else might buy it!! I calmly walked about giving it some rational thought.

I had cash (but that was most of my spending money for a couple weeks), but it would be a long standing birthday gift. My decision was to put a deposit on it. The clerk in fact told me I could call the next day and change my mind. Perfect, in case he took a pass after sleeping on it.

As we left, he said "What if some other Geography professor comes in and snatches it up?!" HAHAHA! What a goof ball!

We both did a bit more research the next day online, and were satisfied with the price and item. He found a very similar new one (it is decorative and not meant to be geographically accurate) from Italy for $600.

So Happy Bday husband! And it still baffles me why this word is not in the dictionary.

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