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Heaven Sent College Classes, or Beginning Chinese (and 100s more FREE)

August 29th, 2012 at 09:23 pm

In the past couple years you've heard about it, free on line courses by very high quality universities. Why are they doing it? How can they possibly afford to do it?

Really!! I was practical and picked classes that were within my interests but would lead to a good living back then. I felt I never was able to study subjects just for the love of it! Honestly, how many ancient civilization majors are out there digging in Afghanistan or Jordan already (and we all know how safe THAT is). And their chance of making that earthshattering discovery is, um, one in how many bazillion? Those folk spend an entire lifetime on the something like 'correlating the fiber in Egyptian ceremonial headdress with nomadic tunics of the 1800s' and they STILL don't get an answer.

No mind. CLEAR THE CALENDAR full steam ahead!

From simply learning basic Chinese to what might be heaven sent help to high school teachers, it took me 2 minutes to find these incredible invites from MIT:

Chinese I
"This course provides an introduction to modern standard Chinese (Mandarin) for the absolute beginner by developing basic conversational ability, reading and writing skills, and an understanding of the language learning process all aimed at allowing students to continue learning on their own."

Text is HERE and Link is
HERE for details.

Astrophysics R Us
"For five weeks during the summer, students come to MIT to participate in this introduction to investigating astronomical systems. Look for the "Teachers' Tricks and Tips" in each section that provide details on incorporating these activities in other classrooms.

Best for: Students in grades 9 11 who want to undertake astronomy projects; Instructors who want to introduce their students to the basics of astronomical investigations."

Text is HERE and Link is
HERE for details.

There's "History of Western Thought 500-1300"; "Women in South Asia 1800-Present"; "The Middle East in the 20th Century"; "Bioethics"; "The Nature of Creativity"; "Science Communication-A Practical Guide"; "Sustainable Development-Theory and Policy"; "Congress and the American Political Process I"; and I could go on and on. And oh yes, "The Ancient World: Greece".

Here is a link to all the 1000+ classes
Text is MIT Open Courseware and Link is
MIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MASSACHUSETTS OF TECHNOLOGY. Are you kidding?? I can't afford 5 minutes of a live class. I wouldn't get in the school anyway. And I get a whole online class free?? And as many as I want?? WOOOOO HOOOOO Insane.

This is not the only university giving free courses online. It's just the one I found right away.

I want to do this!! Please send me TIME!! Or at least - please please let this still be around when I am ready to devote a routine spot in my life to study for personal fun. Anyone else?

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  1. Jerry Says:

    I have a few friends who went to MIT, and you are right... that place leads to unbelievably high admissions standards, and they are not messing around. I love that they have some insurance of offering free classes like this, it is really impressive to me that an institution would be so inclined.

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