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Time Off (Hope it's not too long) and June 7, 8 Check in

June 9th, 2012 at 01:27 pm

School's almost out and when the kids don't go I stay home. That's the beauty of my part time job. This is the first year I used all the hours of my approved annual allotment at work (I'm approved for exactly 1/2 time or 1040 hours to be used anytime during a 12 month period). Yay! That means when there are school days off I can stay home. But this is the first year the admin is really scrutinizing the part timers and I am awaiting approval of my next year's hours. YIKES!

In the meantime, it is such a relief not having to schedule my kids' summer vacation with mondo activities. They are young teens and don't need constant supervision, camps, or pre-arranged things to do.

In fact, HIP HIP HOORAY for high school track. It is SAVING me psychologically and financially this summer. My son is going out for cross country as a freshman and their practices start this summer! Practically as soon as school lets out! Actually he will start going to practice the day after our vacation. Practice is a couple hours on every M/T/W/F and some saturdays. Whew! Perfect! Two practices are first thing in the morning and will cancel out his sloth'ness playing video games afterward. Tagged after one practice is a session volunteering at a 5K with other teammates. YAY! He needs to do this! I don't have to plan anything else for him, just play some tennis together and trips to the beach.

My daughter is easy. Figure skate and dance lessons go nonstop through summer. There is a special 2 week dance workshop she wants to do and a 1 week Humane Society Camp to add. That leaves only about a week or two without anything scheduled for her but I actually want to hang out together for this, one of the last years, before she becomes a full blown young adult.

Blog Fitness Check In June 7 + 8
Calories 1525 + 1500

I mentioned once we are very light on beef, and am happy to note that it took a week for the first to appear in the menu, 4oz round steak. Except for salami and ham type meats which are frequent.

1 mile Dog walk, ea day

Snackless Eve

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    For some reason I didn't realize that track could also be a fall sport!

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