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Hair Salon Sales and Biz License plus June 5 & 6 Check In

June 7th, 2012 at 12:50 pm

Pretty Cheap Jewelry is in two local stores, small but seen by more eyes than just weekend tables once a month! It's been a few weeks between checking in on the inventory and things are finally moving a little. Just a tremor at the MidTown Emporium (collectibles and originals) where a pair of dolphin charm earrings sold for $7.50 and a little more shaking over at Hair Affair (several earrings and a pair of gloves sold).

In one hand out another! My city business license is due. So relieved that I obtained a 'low income' rate last year. If the sales receipts are below $2400 three years in a row, the business license is a flat $20 instead of a percent of sales.

Blog Fitness Check In - June 5 & 6

Calories 1575 & 1640
Fitness - Dog Walk (1 mi) and rode my bike to vote!
Snackless Eve - check

I had a tiny dream to be a photographer once, but was practical enough to know the field in intensely competitive and not a way to make a living. And that was BEFORE digital and everyone became a photographer with mobile phones.

Even so, I enter some of my shots in little exhibits. Starting Sunday I have 4 going up for a summer show including this one.

Here Comes the Sun...Flowers
Montage of small images taken of my yard garden a couple years ago.

All the photos are for sale, and once I even sold a framed water lily at a previous show!

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Those photos are beautiful! I actually have quite a few flower photos in my home taken by my daughter. They make me happy!

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