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Health Challenge Check In - June 4 and it's still a Surprise!

June 5th, 2012 at 09:45 pm

Not discovered yet! A certain person mowed the backyard and did not notice a big blue wheelbarrow under the dog's tattered wool blanket in the corner behind a tire swing. If it didn't happen then, it's probably safe until Father's Day.

Arriving at the local art gallery case this Friday-
NEW! Mosaic to Wear Jewelry. Original, handmade.

Red Ovals
Many little pieces, one beautiful arrangement. Wine red glass and lustrous ivory and gold pearls fill a gold wire oval frame. 24K gold coated hooks. See similar styles on my facebook (click left sidebar). Starting at only about $20.

For the June blog check in-
Calorie Count

2 fried egg = 200
bagel w/marg = 250
coffee w/milk = 25
trail mix = 500
green tea = 0
apple w/caramel dip = 200
pizza bagel = 250

Total = 1425

Mild 20 min walk at lunch. Came across this lady in the middle of the pathway. Why she didn't run away from me became clear after I looked back and held still for 5 minutes. There were 5 of hers wading around in the creek to the right. CUTE!

Snackless Eve
Nothing doing and fortunately not a routine.

1 Responses to “Health Challenge Check In - June 4 and it's still a Surprise!”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    You are doing great! (On the health challenge AND keeping that wheelbarrow a secret -- LOL.) I'm still stumped as to what to do for NT's Father's Day present. Too bad we don't have a yard so I could steal your idea! Smile

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