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Health Challenge Check In - June 1 Report

June 2nd, 2012 at 03:03 pm

You know the free app 'Lose It'? First thing I did for the blog challenge was to put it on my phone to log daily calories and exercise. And HA! my husband already uses it and since we share a phone account I'm not sure if I can use it separately. So am going to look up my calories another way or just calculate them by the ingredients I use.

Fri 6/1 Report

Calories = 1570
(bagel w/marg 250)
(coffee w/milk 20)
(trail mix 500)
(coleslaw 250)
(broccoli soup 100)
(ham cheese sandwich 450)

Exercise = check
walked at lunch ~ 20 min
Not very intense because I went into a costume jewelry store and got very sidetracked, and YES came out with a few things. More about that later.

Snackless Evening = check

Today I'm bringing a friend surprise lunch to her hair salon (and getting a cut from her). She's had a tough last few years and I admire her not going under. If it were me I'd have PANICKED and left town a long time ago. What happened? Just the basic: bad marriage with a husband who was irresponsible with finances and he was laid off work when the economy fell, then foreclosed home, then divorce, now with 2 daughters (who go back and forth on weekends) and a tough tough life working like crazy to make it. I thought they should move to a less expensive area when the house was foreclosed but they said 'the girls want to go to school here.' Sheesh. Let the kids make the decisions even subconciously? The upside is she has not given up and I can't believe she is making it. And the bottom line is yes, it is good if the kids can stay in the great school here and my friend's network of support is nearby as well. This is one of the few people I know on the edge and it makes me feel bad that I don't do more for the many others that are needy. To see her doing okay helps me feel less down!!

So at the costume jewelry store there was a 60% off everything for the day because of remodeling. PERFECT rhinestone hair bands for my figure skater! In fact we will ask a little girl to babysit our pet mouse this summer and one of these would be an excellent thank you gift (she's a figure skater too).

Big flowers full of colored rhinestones.

I couldn't resist a pair of earrings for myself and another for the gift closet. Everything averaged out to $4 ea. I let my girl pick one out and she told me I made good choices later!

So one of the pair of earrings is going in the lunch box today for the friend.


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  1. Monkey Mama Says:

    Oooh - those are pretty!

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