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Any do'able challenges for June? And one more thing...A Wheelbarrow

June 1st, 2012 at 05:35 pm

Anyone going to propose a challenge for June? It's the first of the month and I'm thinking NO DRIVE DAYS or DINNER ON A DOLLAR (easy for us with backyard produce). I won't take the lead this time, maybe later in the year when there aren't trips in the schedule.

Anyway, did you know a wheelbarrow is like a purse? Or even a house. The bigger you get, the more you fill it up without really meaning to. Last post I distressed over the wishes of my husband for Father's Day. He loves gifts and surprises, and has said if it weren't for me, his wife, there wouldn't be big fun gifts in his life anymore. So what's a down-to-earth, practical person to do?

For one, I listen during weeks preceding birthdays, holidays, etc. And jot down a secret list of things that I approve of giving.

A few examples from past years?

a lightweight patio greenhouse Something he always wanted to try, and it's still turning out beautiful lettuce and holding up after 3 or 4 years

fireplace tools/tinder box Amazing how many sets of these at the thrift store!

bike panniers He's been riding his bike 10 miles to do errands and the grocery several times a week and it's not only great fitness, but it is so good for the environment (no fuel burned)

My personal criteria on choosing gifts? Prefer to pay cash (somehow I can't wrap my head around giving him a gift which I charged on a card that he ends up paying the bill!!!!) And I kind of resist tech / electronic stuff. But his requests are important and I consider them heavily.

Unfortunately much of what boys want nowadays is electronics. All kinds of TV, movie, camera, computer, phone and itsy bitsy electronics.

Pfft. It is very hard to think of alternatives. But never fear!! I am superwifey!!

So here's what is coming at him this year (and don't worry, he does not see these posts).

1. Energy saving electronic strip. For the TV/Wii station, he has been saving watts because we have solar panels on the house.

2. A portable hard drive. He increasingly feels his laptop data is vulnerable (his lectures for community college and our rental house stuff for example are on it) and doesn't want to use an online service with a monthly fee. I researched and found choices with high user / tech site reviews and redeemed a hefty coupon at an office store.

3. And finally...a wheelbarrow. We have worn out the average one doing heavy work at our weekend house. Even I tend to overload with firewood or whatever the chore happens to be. So I'm visiting a contractor supply yard and see if there is a model that is not too expensive (under $100). And if so, try to hide it somewhere at home!!

Coming next time...the good, the bad, and (hopefully) the good at our rental property.

1 Responses to “Any do'able challenges for June? And one more thing...A Wheelbarrow”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    I would like to challenge myself to cut my monthly grocery spending by $100. I just added up what I spent for May and it was $709! Ack! That's ridiculous. I buy food for 2 adults and 2 cats, not vultures or an army. I must get to making a more sensible shopping list.

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