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Eco Auto Pilot and Why I Need to Reduce my Recycling

May 18th, 2012 at 08:48 am

You know the advice to improve an unhappy situation or setback in life by acting as if things were better, and after long enough the acting becomes reality? Well it's happening to me! My environmental subconscious is showing up in my reality more than ever before.

Even though I do many small things on a daily basis, I feel it is not enough. For example, here is a comment I made a couple days about

Text is why I'm not proud of my overflowing recycling bin anymore and Link is http://www.psmag.com/environment/recycling-a-free-pass-for-wasteful-consumption-42016/
why I'm not proud of my overflowing recycling bin anymore and the publisher plans to put it in print the next issue (see me about 4th comment down).

And for the first time it came to me to buy my next purse from the consignment store instead of going to the dept store (with a coupon) or thrift store on reflex. Though the thrift has been a destination for me to find purses, it takes several sessions of hunting and not easy to find one that lasts and is a good fit anyway. Aha! There is a very good better quality consignment right near work that will save me time, money and the earth!

Someone give me a Smug smiley face!

Read below about 2 more money and mother earth saving notables from this week.

But first here is a free offer for my mailing list subscribers (sign up left sidebar):


Pretty 'cut crystal' vase of dried flowers sends a thoughtful thanks that lasts longer than a florist's and costs a lot less. This card is free - see special offer
Text is here and Link is eepurl.com/lYTO1
here and get on the Pretty Cheap Jewelry mailing list.

Saved Notable #1 - Bunco at my house! and instead of collecting $$ for 5 prizes, isn't this the perfect regifting time for those lotion/body sets in the closet? I've gotten one for the bath, one for the feet, one for the hands, and more. Nope, don't use them. Let someone else.

Saved Notable #2 - found an unusual boxed copy of 'Gettysburg' with historic maps and photos on the Library Sale Book shelf. Perfect for a very special teacher to my kid (jr high school American History). He is writing a note already to the teacher to say Thank You I Love You More Than I Love My Parents.

Thanks for reading and laughing with me!

1 Responses to “Eco Auto Pilot and Why I Need to Reduce my Recycling”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    I just found a like-new bag at a second hand store for my daughter, who is graduating from her kindergarten-equivalent (we live overseas). It cost about $2, so looking at the second hand places can definitely lead to savings. Not to mention the added insurance that you are re-using something that could be tossed out otherwise.

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