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Small Backyard Patio for $zero (so far)

May 16th, 2012 at 10:26 am

Sometimes redecorating can cost nothing. Nevermind those Design on a Dime -or- Outdoor Living Spaces type shows. I've fixed up my backyard for at least a couple years by simply moving things around that I already had.

Last summer I moved the loads of river rocks in our soil (we dug up constantly the first year) from vegetable row aisles to form a boundary line between the expanding oak tree undercanopy and the decreasing grass areas.

This year I am putting my foot down (or up actually). I really want a chair out there calling my name ... in the sun ... with a spot for a cold drink ... to hang out for an hour or so reading, making jewelry, or putting my feet up!!

I do NOT want to spend much -- but because I've tried everything we already have in every variety of manners I could rack my brain with to fit the purpose, and nothing has worked well -- I will buy ONE chair.

An inviting reading, lounging, snacking, photographing jewelry spot in my backyard.

Must be small (NO lounge chair, these are too big and we have one that I've tried to make work for 2 years and just does NOT fit).

Prefer sunny spot, some shade ok.

Must have the ability to put up your feet!

Low to No maintenance. NOT under the birds or trees which bomb the spot with yucky stuff and cobwebs.

Prefer to use stepping stones already owned. (Ugly, but they were given to us free and I can't bring myself to either get rid of them or buy new ones).

Something clever, pretty, don't we see this stuff in magazines and TV shows all the time? Funny ideas so far?

a gazing ball (husband says no),
big umbrella (not really),
water feature (we already have a nice waterfall in the front entry),
gnome(s) (YUCK),
fake deer (HAHAHA that would fit in hilariously with our oak and native landscaping, but I am just not an old lady YET!!)


And the answer so far is...

Checkerboard Patch Backyard Patio

Upper right, repurposed stepping stones form just enough surface for an as yet unobtained inviting chair. So far my first choice is an adirondack chair (with footrest). Rectangle concrete pavers (in the wood chips right side of patio) also form a little wandering path to the seating area.

What to jazz up the spot? to the sides are native plants (sage, yarrow), behind is wood chips on uneven ground.

See the line of river rocks between grass and natural under canopy? (last year's project). Big rocks in center of yard serve as 'interest' (I hate them).

Comments welcome!

3 Responses to “Small Backyard Patio for $zero (so far) ”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Do you have yahoo's freecycle available? You could probably get most of what you want for free... and get rid of the rock etc. that you hate... for free

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    What a nice view from overhead. Is it from a window? One of your big rocks looks like a dolphin surfacing. Smile

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Yes I should get RID of these pavers thru freecycle. No new ones please, nor any concrete. My husband put that really big central rock in (we went off in the country and dug it up), and though that was a good memory I hate that it takes up valuable space. View from our second floor deck outside the master bedroom (built ourself too!).

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