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Need Recommended Vampire Electrical Strip? Do you have one?

May 14th, 2012 at 02:30 pm

You know that electricity still flows in your turned off - but plugged in devices, right? Especially guilty are game consoles, computers, phone rechargers, etc. It's been in the news and seems pretty easy to remedy with a 'smart' or vampire killing electric power strip. Simply plug the device into the strip and the strip cuts electric flow when it senses the device is on sleep mode.

Well I'm getting confused. The strips are not available at the basic hardware store, more thought of as a consumer electronic. And I think older models aren't a snap. Here's what I'm finding on Amazon:

from January 2012...
"This unit works as advertised. I have it my work desk and the control port has my 13" inch Macbook charger plugged in to it. When the Mac goes to either sleep or full-off mode, the switched outlets turn off shortly after. (Speakers, Monitor, Phone and other stuff). I did have to follow the instructions and adjust the sensitivity pot, so make sure you do that if you plan to do the same, and keep that in mind if you look at other brands. Make sure they are also adjustable. All in all, very happy with this purchase."

from July 2010 through present
"I have had the replacement LCG3E Smart Strip installed and working for about a month now (ed: after returning the defective unit first purchased), and I am happy to say that the problems have not returned! It now switches everything on/off according to the control outlet device (the desktop PC power) being switched on or off. It didn't require any adjustment right out of the box. I believe BITSLtd realized there were manufacturing or design issues with the previous versions of the strip. Customer service has been prompt and savvy in addressing the problem. The strip has a newer silk screen design, with the controlled outlets colored green, and a redesigned logo by the rocker switch, more evidence that this is a revised design change. So, I'm considering the problem officially solved. Thanks BITSLtd!"

Anyone else use them and if so, what brand/model and tips do you have?

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