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Cute as a Button

May 10th, 2012 at 11:53 am

Here comes the ... gift scheming season. Fresh off from figuring out a suitable MIL treat in May (not easy already), comes a load of new challenges in June. Two fathers to honor, and both my parents' birthdays. My dad is getting up there, 78 I think. I usually send a nice box of items and wishes for a combined Dad Day/Both Bdays in June which goes over well.

But this year? They are going to be visiting in person from afar on the dates!

Hmmmm. Something different is needed. Memorable, but not too costly. We can afford modest celebrations but I want to be smart and make it great without spending a ton.

Plans so far for the bdays

My dad (grandpa to my kids) : Family dinner and a special cake from the local 'Ace of Cake' type store. Yes we have one and a really gorgeous bday cake would be about $35-$40. I will have it decorated to be suitable for both parents bdays. The cost is reasonable and I am very devoted to patronizing local businesses. Gift? probably a small ceramic piece from a local artist I know. Must be able to be packed in suitcase safely so it will be SMALL. Cost ~$35. After dinner & gifts we whiz off to the ice rink for my daughter's lesson where they will enjoy seeing her skills.

Mom's bday (a week after dad's after they leave, but close enough to do something as well): Dinner out 2 nights later for all of us at a nice but not extravagant restaurant. Gorgeous alfresco dining in a historic building. Fortunately I have a BOGO coupon for the place! Dinner followed by a great load of laughter at the improv comedy just across the street. Such a well kept secret, the entry is $10 per person for one of the best entertainments around.

Plans for the Dad Day
Husband (dad to my kids): Argh, he wants stuff. Wheelbarrow? Portable hard drive? Accessories to his Victorio Food Mill. Bleh. Even the thing I want to give him is $$. A vampire electrical strip.

My Dad(grandpa to my kids): A trip to a very low key but fascinating animal center not far but out of the city. It's called the Exotic Feline Breeding Center (see

Text is here and Link is http://www.cathouse-fcc.org/index.html
here for details). Not a rescue, nor a zoo. Absolutely something everyone in the family will be enthralled with. Costs very little ($7 and under) to visit, people just don't know about it much.

That last one will satisfy the celebrating aspects of most everything rolled up into one; both Dad Day recipient and mom's bday a little more. I will try to rack my brain for a little gift to bring along for her as a proper (small) bday gift.

Here's a great little proper gift, maybe it would fit your needs for a graduate? (wish I could just give these to my mom!)

Cute as a Button | Pretty as a Picture Earrings

Colorful or fancy! Take your choice of post earrings packaged in a little frame. $6 ea plus shipping.

2 Responses to “Cute as a Button”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Does your mom wear your jewelry? That seems like a great gift to me!!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    She has a pair of some of the better gemstone earrings I've made. Her taste is a bit high end!! Thx for asking.

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