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Ever Bought Flowers for Delivery? Reality Show!

May 9th, 2012 at 09:49 am

I've bought flowers maybe once by phone, have you? Take a look at the ad vs. reality article

Text is here and Link is http://www.smartmoney.com/spend/deal-of-the-day/mothers-day-bouquet-buyers-beware-1336160891786/?link=SM_mustread#article_tab_article
here written in the online Wall Street Journal. WOW!!

In fact, I am thinking to give my MIL flowers for Mother's Day. There is nothing else to give, she does not want STUFF nor enjoys eating out much. The usual routine is to visit and do jobs around the house for her.

That's one of the reasons I harvest flowers from my yard. And it's not a big yard. Even so, presently blooming and available for cutting:

o Calla Lily
o Iris
o Roses
o Geranium

And I think outside the box to use any manner of supplements such as:

o Sage (smells great)
o Fern
o Orange Blossoms (smells even greater)
o Horsetail
o Ceanothus
o jasmine (SMELL!!)

It also being Teacher Appreciation Day, my daughter insisted on making a home grown bouquet for one of her teachers. I just gave away what I thought were the only roses - 6 long stemmed red beauties - to the ice skate coach this past weekend. But NO! DD made a really sweet bouquet with a coral rose, wine red geranium, big purple iris, and ferns.

If I weren't so wrapped up in getting her out of bed, in the shower, packed for school and out the door, I would have said I was PROUD of her for the smart choice. ARGH! Not to mention she made this bouquet the last 5 minutes of the morning.

Pffft. Here's a sneak peak at my upcoming feature at the art gallery shop in June...

Pretty as a Picture
Stone Heart earrings with a garnet, pearl tassel are displayed against layered tissue and printed salmon paper. Framed in a mahogany stained box. Copper leverbacks.

For sale in June at the Ventura Harbor Village Gallery.

2 Responses to “Ever Bought Flowers for Delivery? Reality Show!”

  1. snafu Says:

    Yes, I've bought ghastly over priced cut flowers but only for delivery in another city. I've always called the recipient to verify the flowers were delivered on the 'celebration' day and asked if they were fresh, in good condition. If the answer was 'no,' I've asked that she called the particular florist and express disappointment. The problem is the FDA system gives the buyer no control over which florist will be used.

    As a recipient, I've noticed that lately the florist calls to verify address and confirm someone will be home between 5 - 9 PM. I've asked for a plant in a grow pot rather than cut flowers and if given any preference I'll usually select something that go outside in summer.

    MIL is always a difficult gift. Sadly my MIL has passed but most of us gave a gift like tickets to an event that MIL enjoyed like concert tickets. If she wanted to go with one of her friends, we would drive and pick-up. If she preferred DH was her 'date.' Most events were terrific, tickets for an important figure skating competition was a disaster. We didn't realize how difficult it would be for her to manage the awkward stair system in our arena. Another year we bought tickets for Cirque du Soleil and she didn't want to go.

  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I will buy baby's breath for a few bucks to liven up my arrangements. It's worth every penny.

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