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DIY Native Plant Gardening

April 26th, 2012 at 05:32 pm

Want to see a front yard makeover from The Frugal Artisan? This is not HGTV please, but more of a non-commercial reality show. My last blog was about landscaping without grass, and bringing in natives. So without further ado, roll em....

The Right Bank (as opposed to the Left Bank)

Facing the house, grass was taken out of the center of the front yard right bank. A strip of grass was left next to the driveway for entering/exiting autos cleanly. Using a hand shovel and rocks from elsewhere in the yard, the right bank now has a meandering rock swale through the middle. The rock swale will move ponded water (from the upper end near the wood gate) down through the property.

From top to bottom of swale:

- ceanothus concha (left, in pot on the driveway) will go in next to the upper end of the creek. Will be 6-8 feet tall and wide. Purposely large to screen the gate and house exterior. Deep purple lilac in spring/summer.

- Sage penstemon margarita BOP (right, mid way in small pot on the dirt). This is a hummingbird bush! Purple blooms. Low to ground bush, about 2' high x 4' wide.

- Matilija poppy (left, planted). You've seen it and probably thought it as the 'fried egg' flower. BIG white crepe paper petals with the yellow fuzzy middle. Scraggly kind of bush which can get BIG.

- Lavendar (right, planted). Not pointed out on the photo, but there are two tiny lavendar plants foreground in the soil. I hope they get at least moderate in size.

I want to cover all the soil so it doesn't show (or will cover with wood chips if I have to). So left to do is a few starters of groundcover, probably a flowering (native) purple verbena that attracts butterflies. I also had some wildflower seeds saved for years from handouts at nature conferences and events. So I raked them in willy nilly. If they are too old I'll still be pleased if only a few sprout.

And must relocate a pink rose to the left and near the front (by the sidewalk).

So are you interested in costs?

$ 19.00 Ceanothus
3.50 penstemon margarita
12.00 Matilija poppy
0.00 lavendar
0.00 rocks
0.00 wildflower seeds
0.00 wood chips (if needed)
7.00 ground cover starters (estimated)
$ 41.50

SWEET! Come back and see pics in 2 years as this is going to be a jungle! Just kidding, I am good with trimming and maintenance.

Coming soon 'The Left Bank - Edibles are Us'.

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