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PrettyCheap meets CreepyGirl

April 18th, 2012 at 03:27 pm

So happy that I was picked to make a pair of sterling silver freshwater pearl spray earrings by special order this past week. How a newcomer found me on Etsy I'm not sure (sometimes I ask, but not this time). We emailed back and forth and settled on a description and specifics of what she wanted. I sent her this sketch so we were both clear-

One of the supplies was to be sterling silver chain and there is a bead store a few blocks from work. I routinely walk over there at lunch (though I try not to enter unless I have a definite item and budget with me). Their chain is very reasonably priced, and a certain one which would fit was 6" for $6. I didn't purchase, but would use the information to prepare the cost estimate.

Another part I needed were white rice freshwater pearls which I had no inventory on hand. I was happy to see Michael's had what I needed and since they were minimal investment and useful for future work, I bought them. And of course I saved half using a coupon. Finally were the sterling silver french ear hooks, which I did have on hand in my stock.

With these supplies and costs known, I proposed to the customer a final price of $18 plus shipping.

She accepted! Her online name is CreepyGirl Big Grin

They in fact are done but I need to take good photos and put for sale in my Etsy store. Will do so tonight or tomorrow, come back and see!

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Your post headline cracked me up!

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