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Splashy and Cheap Fun

April 10th, 2012 at 04:09 pm

This week a pair of earrings I designed and made is being shown in each Etsy treasury made by fellow wire artists on line. A treasury is a pretty show of 16 handmade things from other sellers on Etsy. Usually a treasury has a theme, such as color or subject. They are popular with visitors to the site, the very best gets on the Etsy front page (which gets hundreds and hundreds of clicks each day). Extremely sought after, being on the FP is how OhioArt feels after a presidential candidate held up an Etch A Sketch on television.

Here is one of the nicer treasuries with my earrings (2nd row, third item) so far this week:

The orange and aqua tie it together. Even the VW bus photo fits in great!

You can come in and click around on this treasury, and thousands of others (not by the wire artists)

Text is HERE and Link is

Thanks for the time and the reading!

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