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Purposely behind the trends {but never the style}

April 9th, 2012 at 04:26 pm

Bird's nests have a universal appeal. Women love them simply for the nurturing aspect, guys admire the effort made by the creature. When my daughter was very young, e.g. before 5 years old, she delighted in spotting nests otherwise overlooked by the rest of us. She was good at this and we marveled often at her good eye and the nests. Since we have an animal friendly back yard (lots of native trees for habitat and food) the occasional one would fall and she would keep it for awhile.

At least 3 years ago, bird nest jewelry was popular in the crafting world. I loved the look but didn't pursue trying to make my own. But I never forgot and have come round to adding it to my repertoire.

Bird Nest Earrings
Simple and natural, bird nest earrings are a symbol of spring. Pure white or unusual black pearls are nestled in silver colored wire. Lots of color possibilities, imagine little turquoise 'robin eggs'!

Bird nest earrings to be offered to email subscribers only (sign up left sidebar) at an introductory price of $7.50 pair. Matching bird nest earring/necklace sets to come soon!

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