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ABSTAIN on the April Daily Spending Challenge

April 6th, 2012 at 03:14 pm

As one of the participants quipped upon reluctantly joining the fun, "worried cause I have a big pool of spending money", I am going to pass on tracking daily spending in April. Not that I have a big pool of money, but because I want to use this blog more for my small business (not family) life.

But questions:
How does the challenge compare for a person spending on oneself with a person spending with kids involved (such as myself)?

How would it work for spending when there is a spouse in the picture?

For example: this week I've made purchases something to the effect

Small Busin - Tues $1.60 Jewelry Supplies
All Purpose - Weds $39.00 Gas
Kid's Friend- Thur $21.00 Dinner Out for kid and her friend
Kid or Me(?)- next week redeem a coupon for $20 (but spend $20) at Old Navy

In the meantime watch for a new style coming from my jewelry bench (bird nest theme).

Here are a couple photos of a mosaic style cuff I recently completed. I love this style and predict it will be a new trend. Easy to adapt to pendants and earrings (and you can be sure there will be both here soon)!

Mosaic Pearl Cuff
Great mix of pearl, stone and glass are wired into a nice quality elegant bracelet. Any color scheme is possible! Shown (top to bottom): white orange pop, blues

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