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How to change exasperation into satisfaction

March 27th, 2012 at 09:29 pm

What would you say to someone with a 10 year old desktop computer ; who tuned the system about 8 months ago and added memory but which is already 95% maxed out on disk space. The equipment runs fine, but slow. It serves at least 2 people in the household and a small biz.

"Get rid of it at the next electronic recycle roundup, it's worthless and impossibly outdated."

How many of you would say that? raise your hand, be honest.

No. I resist that very typical response. I am so exasperated with the digital culture of 'upgrade/out with the old/in with the new' every few years. Not just being a frugal person, this cycle is SO BLEEPING environmentally destructive.

Shouldn't computer equipment be treated like a car? I don't replace my cars every few years ; I drive my autos their FULL life. Until the repair is more costly than the replacement (with special consideration for fuel costs). We picked very economical vehicles way back when to serve our daily needs for many years to come.

I am mad the same philosophy seems to be irrelevant for computers. Bah.

The computer is a Dell ca. 2000 which was passed down to me free. I put about $180 into the tune and memory card last summer. All's fine, but there is no avoiding either adding memory once again or getting a new faster beefier computer (probably laptop). An egregious crash shall be avoided.

I am relieved the cost of a good laptop is so reasonable. And am encouraged by finding LOTS of information on where/how to refurbish and GIVE your old computer to a worthy cause. More details on that next posts.

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