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Hanging in there with the artists

March 21st, 2012 at 05:12 pm

The good news: another pair of earrings sold in the main art gallery recently! The bad news: the association is struggling financially (due to a year of poor management of a no-longer employed staff director plus lower than normal sales and other significant issues).

Double Pearl Curling Earrings - SOLD

I'm fighting feelings of bad morale after attending the association board meeting. They are reasonably smart (a great treasurer and great president for example) and not downbeat. But it's hard to solve the problems at hand and GET BACK ON TRACK! I have good income through them, and promise myself to hang in there another year (july 2012-july 2013).

So am counting my recent successes:

Finished: 2 pair white on white gloves, 1 pair white on black gloves, 1 pair white on red gloves, a pair of red on black gloves, and 4 pair scrunchy mid arm gloves. Getting stocked for Aug and fall ice events.

Finished: 3 sets of 4 strand necklace / earrings sets
One set is going to a gallery show in April and will be promoted for Mother's Day gifts. They decided to allow items such as jewelry that could be hung-

Idea: I have a new original earring style to produce (no pictures yet, come back soon!). And since good original ideas are one of the hardest things to get, I'm HAPPY!!

keep reminding me, ok?

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