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A funny thing happened on the way to the rink ...

March 9th, 2012 at 06:03 pm

You found out a couple days ago how I added 3+ fitness sessions to what I thought was an impossibly full weekly schedule. Simply taking advantage of the fact that a zumba class was held next door to a place I already had to be (every Wed evening) started the ball rolling. It was good fortune that the zumba class was a great deal with respect to cost and schedule. But I take FULL credit for using that one class as a jumping off point and doing at least 2 more sessions at home.

The second phase of unexpected success in health and fitness this year also happened at the ice rink. When kids are in a group lesson most of the parents hang out in the locker area/snack bar. I've used the time myself to make simple jewelry, or bead gloves, like these... (In fact, the work attracts attention and brings future customers!)

Blue Knit Glamorous Gloves

Sky blue lightweight knit gloves are trimmed with thick dreamy black feather fluff at the wrist. Added detail of steel blue glass beads on the back. A little price for alot of glamour. Click

Text is HERE and Link is
HERE for more info.

One mom, whose kids are now really advanced and need to practice at least 3 days a week, spends more time at the rink than average. So after working on her computer while waiting for a couple years, she did it. Slapped on some skates and got in the adult group lesson. Many of the other parents admired this!

I know how to skate but finally admitted my 25-y.o. skates were just not adequate anymore. Those skates got me through teaching the kids how to do it when they were 5 or so, but thrifty as I am, the leather boots were completely broken down and offered no ankle support anymore. Anyone want a pair of vintage Oberhauer (sp.?) boots with excellent Sheffield stainless steel blades for posterity?

But I still sort of liked the idea of skating as well. It was this mom who had a pair of GOOD used boots from her expert kids that needed a new home. OK, I tried them on and made a deal!! YIPPEE! These skates would easily last me the next 25 years.

So on Saturdays, when my own child was in a cross training dance class at the rink for 2 hours, and then on the ice for another 2 hours, I lace up and get out there for a little movement myself!

Watch out Peggy Fleming Big Grin

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  1. Jerry Says:

    I really miss ice skating, and wish that I had more time to do that with my girls right now. It leads to some insurance of excellent exercise, it's fun, and it is just so nice to be out on the ice. I hope you enjoy it!

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