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Three Time Repeat Customer

March 8th, 2012 at 07:49 pm

She loves them! Last December I gained a new fan of the original hand beaded appliqued knit gloves I design and sew for

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is
Pretty Cheap Jewelry. At that time, she bought a feminine pair of dove grey with antique flowers on the wrist. Shortly thereafter she came back for a sporty black with sequin hearts. Then last weekend she asked in passing if I had any in brown.

I had a good stock of plain gloves from end of the year sales and had been taking a break in sewing on the appliques, buttons, beads.

But whew! There was ONE pair in fawn tan. And a copper leaf sequin applique that I had not tried yet. So I made it up (no picture sorry!) and showed her 2 days later. YES! She loved them. Am I crazy? I lowered the price because the gloves were such a good deal and in appreciation for the repeat business.

It was just enough to get me back into making the gloves. In fact, I have just put on my schedule a 2-day sales event at the ice rink in August so I need to have a dozen or more pair ready. How about these pastel pink hearts?

Playful Pink and Blue Gloves

Sweetheart sequins trim the wrist, little blue beads on the back of these lightweight cheerful gloves. Size: young adult
Special request only

On the craft table? Dramatic red hearts on black knit gloves. Pictures coming soon.

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