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New Ways to Use a Day Old Bread

March 1st, 2012 at 09:09 pm

Occasionally I see these sourdough rounds on the grocery store day old rack and buy them as a 'treat'. They make great toast and sandwiches, or complement a small piece of meat or fish with a salad for dinner. I don't make sourdough from scratch (though I've tried in the past, it's hard to keep a sour dough starter going). And I don't get to San Francisco often to get some first hand.

So I was hoarding one on my desk the last day or so and out of the blue *it hit me*

We are a soup eating family; I like making it in the crock pot, my teen loves making it himself for dinner when schedules are hectic, it's healthy and warms on a cold winter day, easy and inexpensive to make.

And I adore those soup-in-a-bread-bowl entrees at a restaurant. Don't you?

VOILA - tonight I will make a nice meal for my son! (He is the one who needs it most, my hubby is not home for dinner). After toasting the sourdough round in the oven, I'll scoop out the center (and use for something delicious for my daughter) and fill with some hearty progresso or likeness.

Other creative thinking around here?

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Next post...truthisms and hilarious passages from a fabulous book I'm reading on how to live through raising a teen!

2 Responses to “New Ways to Use a Day Old Bread”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Another idea would be to cube it, saute it in some olive oil, and use for croutons. Or, slice it, saute it in olive oil and service with any dip or as crostini. Of course you could use it to make a strata with eggs and cheese.

  2. Jerry Says:

    That sounds delicious, and I am sure that it will lead to a tremendous meal for your son! You can use the bread innards for bread pudding or something, if you like. (My daughter would prefer to use it to feed the pigeons outside, but she's 6 years old...) Wink Nice when you have some insurance that you can utilize the day old bread for something like that, isn't it?

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