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$5 and Pick Up? Plus FREE Ring

January 27th, 2012 at 01:39 pm

We are finally beyond the grade school Valentine Day parties where you make 30 little cards with a treat and pass out to the whole class. Yay!! We all remember those fondly from our childhood, so don't think I wish them away. I'm just glad to resign from that particular craziness.

Seems I still have a sugar rush, because I plan to give my kids a little happy surprise perhaps that morning before school. Oh, not sugary anything, but warm and fuzzy something.

A few weeks back at JCPenneys I saw lots of those fuzzy slipper shoes on sale left over from Christmas. Lots of colors, lots of furry types, lots that I would love to lounge around in. But I passed them up that day. Not on the WE NEED list.

But I looked them up on-line in case there any left for giving my kids on Vday. As I suspected, lots left and now they are practically giving them away!

These are $6 and no charge if I pick up at the store:

There are also a $5 pair like this:

OK, how easy is that?

Now it is a matter of saying 'I love you' to my sentimental, surprise loving husband. I am so practical and am surprising him with a travel umbrella from REI. He wants one that will stand up to winds, and REI is very good about standing behind their equipment for many years. I better pull out some slinky thing to wear with that when I give it to him!

Let me leave you with a special offer...

FREE Amethyst Ring with purchase of any 3 things from

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is http://www.prettycheapjewelry.com
Pretty Cheap Jewelry (shown below). Faceted amethyst on adjustable sterling silver band. Don't forget it is the February birthstone!

Thoughtful greeting cards ($3.50 ea), glamourous hand beaded gloves (kids and adults) and many other original designs to choose from. THANK YOU for patronizing a small MADE IN THE USA business.

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