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$5 and Pick Up? Plus FREE Ring

January 27th, 2012 at 09:39 pm

We are finally beyond the grade school Valentine Day parties where you make 30 little cards with a treat and pass out to the whole class. Yay!! We all remember those fondly from our childhood, so don't think I wish them away. I'm just glad to resign from that particular craziness.

Seems I still have a sugar rush, because I plan to give my kids a little happy surprise perhaps that morning before school. Oh, not sugary anything, but warm and fuzzy something.

A few weeks back at JCPenneys I saw lots of those fuzzy slipper shoes on sale left over from Christmas. Lots of colors, lots of furry types, lots that I would love to lounge around in. But I passed them up that day. Not on the WE NEED list.

But I looked them up on-line in case there any left for giving my kids on Vday. As I suspected, lots left and now they are practically giving them away!

These are $6 and no charge if I pick up at the store:

There are also a $5 pair like this:

OK, how easy is that?

Now it is a matter of saying 'I love you' to my sentimental, surprise loving husband. I am so practical and am surprising him with a travel umbrella from REI. He wants one that will stand up to winds, and REI is very good about standing behind their equipment for many years. I better pull out some slinky thing to wear with that when I give it to him!

Let me leave you with a special offer...

FREE Amethyst Ring with purchase of any 3 things from

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is
Pretty Cheap Jewelry (shown below). Faceted amethyst on adjustable sterling silver band. Don't forget it is the February birthstone!

Thoughtful greeting cards ($3.50 ea), glamourous hand beaded gloves (kids and adults) and many other original designs to choose from. THANK YOU for patronizing a small MADE IN THE USA business.

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