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Officially Now the Home of the Hand Beaded Glove and Guitar String Bracelet

January 9th, 2012 at 10:38 pm

With the knowledge of about a 6.5 to 7 on a scale of 10, I track the visitors to my website with respect to time of day, item clicks and especially search terms used to find me.

It's RIDICULOUS how many ways folks (badly) spell jewelry by the way. 'Jewlry' 'Joolery' 'Jewlery' and more. Fortunately, they still find me.

Besides the key term 'cheap' (which is NOT what they actually WANT in jewelry, it's low price for good quality but which is the way folks will search and which is why I named myself PRETTY CHEAP JEWELRY), the next most frequent way I get found is by the key words:




Hmmm. I've noticed the first over the past couple years and have sold out of my stock just recently. It took me a while to develop the design, and my guitar string bracelet style is maybe the only feminine type out there. I use a fringe of mixed beads and charms wired onto the band. The beauty of the design is that any color scheme can be chosen, rich or casual look depending on the materials, and I am very very happy to be able to use any small quantity of beads left from previous projects (NO WASTE!)

Here is one in blues--

The second frequent search term landing visitors at my website is more of a surprise. Seems so general, and that there would be SOOOOO many others out there. Yet my knit gloves are different, hand beaded antique style, yet brand new. Or fun and happy kid styles, like these:

Kids Flower Power

Sparkling cuffs and bright yellow flowers hand sewn on pure white lightweight knit gloves. Happy hands for kids! See

Text is here and Link is
here for more info.

I plan to make more guitar string bracelets in 2012.
And watch here for new glove designs.
Thanks for the read, tweets and your time ~
The Frugal Artisan

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  1. nate Says:

    Jeffrey deleted them this morning, they were spam comments.

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