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Wrap Up!

December 13th, 2011 at 05:16 pm

Wow! Pretty Cheap Jewelry had great sales last weekend at the figure skate show! It's a highly entertaining production, puts everyone's Christmas spirit in overdrive. It was the final live selling event for the year and the handbeaded gloves were a hit! Kids and adults designs both sold, and requests for boy's styles were requested. (Hmmm, a challenge!)

Sequin Hearts and Pearls

Fancy sequin hearts around the wrist of dark dark navy lightweight knit adult size gloves. Backs studded with faux pearl and crystal. Original and handmade. See

Text is HERE and Link is
HERE for more details and to order.

A number of nicer, modestly priced, jewelry pieces also sold to shoppers with great taste. A couple of knotted pearl bracelets, and a sterling wire weave pendant (sort of like the one in 14K gold filled wire below) went home with new owners.

14K GF Weave Agate Pendant

Beach stone from Northern California, polished to a gloss, is displayed within 14K gold filled wire wrap. Hung on sheer cocoa ribbon. Contact me for a quote.

My analysis? Success partly due to interesting goods, and partly due to Pretty Cheap Jewelry becoming more known to the visitors (it's my 4th year selling at the show).

A well deserved rest coming soon after a good number of new things are added to
Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is
Pretty Cheap Jewelry the next few days, and last minute rock bottom specials to my email list.

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Bye and thanks for taking a few minutes to read.
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Pretty Cheap Jewelry

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2 Responses to “Wrap Up! ”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Oh, that is a pretty pendant. I didn't think you made necklaces, just earrings and rings.

    Just wanted to pass along that my neice has always admired the earrings I bought from you, oh, what was it, four years ago now? She has always wanted them. She borrowed them for her Christmas dance this year and some of the girls asked her where she got them. I passed along your link to her to give to her friends so hopefully one of them will buy something.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    So NICE of you! omgosh, I am going to put this little anectdote on my FB (anonymously). Wow! It seems to finally be the rewarding year. I had a repeat customer this week (just $5 earrings, but still! doesn't happen enough).

    You must remind me which earrings, cause I have made hundreds since then. Picture?

    And yes, lots of variety in necklaces, but usually I put them in a shop cause prices are $25-$45. However, it's time to add lots of things to my website, so watch in 2012!

    Thanks so much again.

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