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Lady Gaga Shades

December 6th, 2011 at 05:53 pm

Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause! I wear glasses and until late last year, didn't wear a pair of sunglasses regularly. Oh, I've tried those prescription ones, but am too put off by having to carry an extra pair and switch them often (not to mention they are expensive). I once tried the kind that are made with your prescription pair and magnetically stick together, but I lost them within a month cause they are light and small.

For some reason I finally slipped a fashion pair right over my prescription pair from a street vendor in Las Vegas when on a weekend getaway with my husband. OH! They worked fine! They were inexpensive, and I never looked back! (see below, in the photo op in the M&M store, I call them my Lady Gaga look)

You can't even see my regular glasses underneath!

Last Friday I stopped at a new thrift store to make a donation: one mouse cage, pair of men's leather boots, and a toy rake. Their hardback books were buy 3 for $3 and I took a long time trying to find that many for a family I know who might need some help giving gifts to their boys.

And...slipped my sunglasses in my sweatshirt pocket instead of safely in my purse as I searched for books.

Ah, guess what. The sunglasses didn't make it home.

I called Sat and Sun to see if they found them. No answer all day. I stopped back in after work Monday and WHEW! They were on the rack for sale!!!

Doesn't take much money to make a difference in everyday life!!

And that could be said for these little beauties. Not much $$ to make a difference to someone this holiday. Perhaps you know a girl who would love?

Amethyst Gold Spray Earrings $12

Rich look of stone with a glass tassel below. Amethyst is the March birthstone. A great value for original design. See more detail

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Red Anniversary Band

Say 'I love you' with 5 sparkling swarovski crystals lined up on a gold weave adjustable ring. It's spending hangover proof at only $12. See more detail
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2 Responses to “Lady Gaga Shades”

  1. justericka Says:

    ummm...amythyst is the february birthstone...auquamarine is march....just thougth youed like to know so you can offer amythysts in feb...they are pretty tho!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Oops, thanks!!

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