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Saving the Earth, One Lava Lamp at a Time

December 1st, 2011 at 04:58 pm

I have been determined not bring another lava lamp into this world! For some unexplainable reason (at least unexplainable to me), they are popular with the school kids the past couple years. I've seen them in Kohl's Dept store, Target and who knows where they'll pop up next.

Instead of buying new, I 'ran' to my nearest ebay. A lava lamp seems to me to be the quintessential ebay item. Old, way ugly, out of style, brings back not the best memories (likely due to altered states of consciousness when they were first around), etc.

Surprise that the prices of even used lava lamps were above $10! DRAT

There was one for auction at $0.99 but of course with $12.50 shipping. Ridiculous ; see right through that scam. Well, I threw in my 99 cents worth cause it meets my criteria of NOT BUYING NEW and the price was still a bit below any others. And low and behold -- NO ONE ELSE WANTED IT. Hee hee. Not surprised. May I gloat that at least half of that price is really shipping anyway.

So I don't really mind winning and my kid will be tickled.

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