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Inexpensive Gift Ideas - Part 3

November 29th, 2011 at 02:14 pm

In past posts you read at The Frugal Artisan how to save on good gifts, especially for the hard-to-please folks such as teens and grandparents. (Links to those stories are given below).

Right about now is the time I always have to take my kids to shop secretly for the dad, my very own DH. Even though we have a tradition of posting wish lists, my husband fills his with TOOLS (big bucks), OUTDOOR GEAR (bigger bucks) and SCIENTIFIC items (biggest bucks) like weather stations and telescopes.

So it's not the taking of the kids shopping, it's the figuring out what will please dad on a kid budget. Like $10 or less.

He is not a great deal of help when I ask either.

Well! Here are my secrets and they might be helpful to you...

1. Special organic foods. We have gradually changed to a more organic diet, emphasizing backyard produce and local foods. The health food stores are expensive, yes! But this is the opportunity to find things we would like to try and give as a gift. Nothing perishable, of course, but there are many choices, eg snack bars, dried goods, even drinks.

2. High Quality, No Chemical Toothpaste. Lately I've seen reports of the detrimental issues with cheap toothpaste. And sorry, I just don't want to make my own (at least yet). Tom's of Maine toothpaste is one of the highly rated products, however, safe and effective. And expensive!! I think it runs around $5 a tube! Yikes. It's thick and hard, you don't use as much. My husband has come home with it a couple times in the past, and this is another good candidate for a kid to buy for him.

3. High quality pure castile soap. Dr. Bronner's soap has been around for 100 years practically. I used it years ago and love it. It is a treat, tingly and hugely refreshing in smell. It is easily available at the drug store. Perfect for dad.

Hope this inspires you! Give it a tweet (left side bar) and pass on the help if you want. Thanks!

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