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Right Under My Nose

November 28th, 2011 at 10:14 am

How do you stay compassionate while at the same time economically sound. If I could do it all the list of charities I favor would be ridiculous:

Sierra Club - definitely one of the top on my list, the environment is my raison d'etre. And the river groups I've volunteered with also need my membership http://www.foscr.org and http://www.folar.org {where btw I met my husband!!}
Public Radio - smart news, wholesome educational programming, and since I am a consumer, yes, I should contribute
Local Arts - I sell and participate actively in my association. It is incredibly dependent on volunteers and donations. This year the gallery roof needs replacing and next year it needs termite treatment.
Humane Society - I have a soft spot for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Every year I want to help less fortunate families or children or animals in November and December. This year we have a family in our rental house, which to our chagrin, is having difficulty paying the rent.

Ooh boy. Not a good situation. It's a dad with 4 boys (one grown, one teen, and 2 younger). Mom is not present. This guy has all the right values. Honest, does not waste money, doing everything in his power to raise his kids well. But not regularly employed at this time. Frown

I suspect this family is not going to have a big holiday. So instead of the rivers, instead of the dogs and cats, I am going to give to them. It's not going to be easy, anything unusual will be looked upon as charity and may be hard to receive graciously.

It will be: a big turkey to cook, a bigger batch of cookies (many dozens, especially with all those kids!), a couple gingerbread house kits for fun, and maybe a basketball or some sort of board game.

Any other ideas?

1 Responses to “Right Under My Nose”

  1. veronak Says:

    Awe that was really nice. If you can afford it how about collecting only a portion of the rent for December, but what you're doing is really great

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