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Giving to that Chosen One

November 21st, 2011 at 12:02 pm

At this time of year I always wish to find a very needy person and give a little happiness. Oh, more than the usual charitable things we always do. Sure we already:

- Donate canned food to the local pantry. Our schools and even the US post office have food drives which I contribute regularly.

- Participate in events which proceeds are donated. All of my craft show fees and commissions are given to non profits including; a non-denominational women's group {who is providing education for a chosen group of African kids}, the local 4-H chapter, the figure skate club, and two local art associations. All of these groups operate completely on donation and volunteers.

- Give to the thrift stores. I don't hold yard sales. I give nearly everything we don't use anymore: books, household items, clothes, furniture, electronics and you name it to the thrift stores. And naturally I shop the thrifts every month or so for my own wardrobe and small needs.

So how can you do something especially personal. It is not easy. Would you invite a down and out stranger to your house for a Thanksgiving meal? Probably not, the system is now to go to the centers and help serve. How do you find a family that wouldn't otherwise have a christmas tree or gifts and give such? Perhaps a church could recommend a family, but I am not a church goer. Sometimes the local paper reports on a very needy organization, but it is hit and miss if I see the article.

The past few years I have given to a really good family crisis shelter that does small miracles with kids, young adults and their relatives. They were the recipient of proceeds from one of my past craft shows and had a speaker once who was a girl who went through their system. Inspiring is the understatement of the century.

They ask people to fill wishes from the giving tree each year. So even though I don't get to give to a kid personally, I pick at least one big wish to fill and take it in.

Here is what I'm giving this year...

Wardrobe and Doll

Sewing up our own little project runway!
(shown top to bottom):
Fancy Party Dress
Purple Pantsuit
Gold Skirt
Shortsleeved Dress

(not shown: 2 pairs shoes, and Miss Doll herself!)

Thanks for reading and warm Thanksgiving wishes!

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