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Panniers, and other off-the-wall gifts on my list

November 18th, 2011 at 09:12 am

Past columns from The Frugal Artisan tipped you off on how to save when gift shopping, especially for some hard to please categories such as:

1. Teen boys-get them outside and off the electronics with equipment from the used sporting goods store. Free weights? tennis racket? skateboarding? You will be surprised at the huge variety of possibilities in these stores. If there is not one near you, look at Craig's list.

2. Grandma (who doesn't need anything)-patronize a pop up craft boutique for handmade soap, recycled wool sweater felted gloves or any number of fantastically clever ideas that you would never see elsewhere.

While I think hard before every purchase about buying handmade or from locally owned businesses, sometimes it just isn't possible!!

For example, take my husband (no Henny Youngman jokes please). In our family we post a 'WISH LIST' for gifts to avoid wasteful spending. Since he is bike riding to the grocery more and more, my husband wants panniers to more easily carry a good size load from the store. OK! I am definitely supportive. Great exercise, good for the environment, excellent example to our kids and neighbors.

Panniers are those saddlebags that straddle the front or back tire of a bike. They are not inexpensive. But we belong to REI, the outdoor gear coop, and get 15% back from every purchase annually. Great timing because there is a new branch opening near where I work and that specific item is reduced 25% for the opening. So, not handmade and imported Frown and not exactly locally owned, but here I go today!

So what do little girls really want? A kitten. Well, my little 11 y.o. girl is not going to get a kitten with the high strung dog we have in the house. She is easy to shop for though I try to stay practical and give her things she needs. Still not at the age to want clothes, though last year she wanted fuzzy UGG type boots.

I can solve the kitten problem pretty well and give here a mouse. We have had one for 2 years and it is extremely easy to care for, no smell, inexpensive. I am happy! It is my son's and little Ms. Mousie is geriatric and isn't going to be around much longer. My daughter would love to have one next.

Next time: Charity Giving ~ Gifts for Needy Youth
(shown below, shoes we are making for a doll and wardrobe to be given a very special family halfway house).

Satin slippers with back polka dot laces

Silver thread and Periwinkle stripe doll houseshoes

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