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Hitting the Targets (not that big box one either)

November 14th, 2011 at 06:36 am

"It's about making connections, finding out about other craft shows, networking" ~ that's what I remember repeating the first few years of having a small home-based jewelry business.

Now it's more about the sales. After picking and choosing where to put effort as far as events and groups, it's time to SHOW ME THE MONEY! Ha ha.

By the way, a few days ago I mentioned I had a huge order for Ransom Party Invitations. You can see them http://www.etsy.com/transaction/62910398. It turned out the customer was having a moving party, IN SWEDEN! OK, what a surprise!

Last week I also got another order from exactly where I target my market!! I browse the Wall Street Journal online regularly and make comments and posts as I see fit.

Voila! A well-written, smart, professional woman came over to http://www.prettycheapjewelry.com and made a purchase because:

"the urge to have the best for less still drives my shopping persona"


"Who wudda thought a WSJ writer also would be a talented artist producing beautiful low-cost jewelry?? The perfect storm, from my perspective!"

This past weekend was the 2nd of 3 special events I am scheduled to sell holiday gifts. It was a small, local arts group in the charming town near me. The fees were nothing but 20% of sales and set up time. As expected, I will get a check for a very modest $20 or so. But I am satisfied with that cause it all adds up.

Oh, I am on a roll! Got another order on Sunday for a pair of the new hand beaded gloves I designed this year. They had attracted some attention, probably because there is not much out there like them! Fortunately I have a couple similar pairs and put them on line as well...

Gold Star Winners

Sparkling knit gloves makes everyone a star. I have embellished lightweight knit gloves with my original design. On the back of each hand are sewn 3 sequin stars. On the wrists are sewn lots of gold glass tube beads. Great for the skating rink, driving, walking the dog, or at school. An all around winner gift which is easy on your budget!

Choose either royal blue (shown: above) or pecan brown (shown: below)

Order http://www.etsy.com/listing/86055285/knit-gloves-star-sequin...

Thanks for reading!!
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