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WAIT!! Before you buy that electronic device for Christmas READ THIS

November 10th, 2011 at 09:33 am

Although I went to this online site for details about a vampire electricity reducing device, I ended up reading this article instead. It will strike your thrifty fancy but hits very near and dear to my environmental heart.


1. Projections reported from a respectable source. The Consumer Electronics Association is cited from the beginning. I don't know how transparent they are, but my intuition is they are honest enough even if basically a trade and industry group.

2. One-Third of all gift purchases may be electronics yet there is almost no thought of how to retire and dispose of the eventual e-waste. Hundreds of thousands of tablets, cell phones, cameras, and ereaders are going to be sold. Where are they going to end up.

3. Price is the overriding reason where/what/how the items are bought. No surprise here. Isn't it time to add the cost of recycling, reusing, disposing of the item into the purchase price.

I don't want to repeat here a few other passages in the article though they are eye openers!!

So are you going to buy a computing device this year? What will you do with it down the line?

1 Responses to “WAIT!! Before you buy that electronic device for Christmas READ THIS”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    I'd say we have never had any problem selling anything in this category (or giving to someone else).

    But, Best Buy also has an ongoing e-waste program. I REALLY like it because I can just go over there any time (versus waiting for other once a month/year e-waste type events). That said - the only thing I have resorted to e-wasting was ancient and/or broken. Car stereo (20 years old) and broken vacuum cleaner come to mind. For all the electronics that we do have - always seems to be a taker or another use for it.

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