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Got an Idea!! New Biz Just Waiting to be Started

November 3rd, 2011 at 09:29 am

I'm always disappointed with the small businesses that (used to) fill the little corner shopping centers in our area. I dream of fun little boutiques filled with delightful house decor, fashionable accessories and clever paper goods. Why not mobiles of clouds floating above, and great hair clips? Instead, it's a big deflating blah sub sandwich place, or another fitness joint.

So I have an idea for a small biz. It's different. It's needed. And I don't have time to make it happen. Oh how I wish I weren't already in a moderately technical career!!

For the past few years we have been involved with figure skating. There are regular competitions and events, as well as an end of the year holiday show.

The culture of this sport is high end: that private coaching is essential, that original choreography is necessary, and costs are not to be spared in the details. This is unlike other sports such as cross country track, for example, which the only really really important equipment is in the shoes.

So for every event we have to buy an outfit. And almost always are the outfits brand new, original design, and custom made to measurement. Now, on occasion the same costume can be worn for a skate number repeated (such as in more than one competition). But the life of a costume is about a year. Then it goes in the closet, outgrown, and looked upon with fond memories.

This is the kind of thing I am talking about...

Even the winter holiday show, there are group numbers that 10 or 15 matching costumes are made. The whole set of costumes are never used again.

So! Wouldn't it be great to have a depot of used costumes?! A solo skater could choose from a wide range of styles. Perhaps even group numbers could be designed to fit around a set of costumes already available.

What a relief in cost to the families to be able to purchase outfits at a greatly lower price than custom made. And to sell on consignment outfits that would otherwise never be used again. Good for the earth of course too.

Should I drop everything and open a teeny storefront? Or start with a spare room in the home if I had one!!

Now one note: there is a woman who has a small private used skate business associated with our rink. She has a selection of used outfits, but her big expertise is in fitting skates. The costume part of her business seems to me to be halfhearted. It could be much much wider and bigger. Remember, this rink goes through hundreds of costumes a year.

Hollywood wardrobe business anyone?

3 Responses to “Got an Idea!! New Biz Just Waiting to be Started ”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    The thing about this is that you could easily do this online. & maybe work out with skate rink to sometimes show wares there. (I'd rather work out something like that than invite strangers to my home or to commit to a storefront that likely won't get a lot of traffic).

    In this day and age, you don't need much of a storefront to find low buyers and high sellers. You just need an internet conncection. I understand with clothing there is a more of a wanting to try it on factor, but many online businesses get around that with free shipping on exchanges, etc.

  2. snafu Says:

    I wonder if one of the moms heavily involved in the skate community would be interested in being costume consignment co-ordinator for all the clubs. We have a 4 day skate trade in our community which includes re-sale hockey gear. Parents know the stuff in premium condition sells for 50% of new.

    It would make sense to have figure skating costumes for sale if pricing was reasonable. Anything that doesn't sell could be auctioned on e-bay.

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    I think online would be a GREAT place to do it!
    My boss' DD is a skater and it's costly. I think this is a great idea!
    Good luck Big Grin

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