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Now or Later - a Candy or a Holiday Shopping Philosophy?

November 2nd, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Do you think it's smarter to shop around early for end-of-the-year gifts or wait until the retailers make big discount offers in the last few days of the season?

The advantage of the former may be in more informed and stress-free purchases, especially in electronics or technical goods. It's a great time now to get out and see what's being offered on craig's list and local ads for second hand cameras, game systems, sports equipment, and small furniture.

But in the last couple years last minute blow outs have been given for computers and even clothing to boost sales in these lean economic times.

BUT WAIT!! BEFORE you answer, try to make the choice...


Can you shop early (or wait till the last minute) and still support independents? Let me count the ways.

1. Get to the pop up boutiques nearby. The starting gun has just gone off. Throughout Nov and Dec are likely a host of shows in churches, non-profits and homes around you. These are not just your knitted booties anymore!! You will be delighted with the variety of thing and the MODEST PRICES. Trust me.

2. Use online independent gift sites.A great site like http://www.etsy.com will stretch your budget and open your imagination. Type in search words at the top bar, or use the category topics on the left side. Even the 'Buy Local' category will point you to things made nearby. Sort the results by price!! There are thousands and THOUSANDS of sellers hungering to make sales and the prices show it!!

Here's a few of my rock bottom deals on Etsy, all handmade originals made by me. Thanks for looking!

Dolphin Charm Earrings - Buy 3 Get 1 Free ($5.99 ea)

Sterling Silver Rosette and Moonstone Earrings $8

Peacock Sweep Feather Barrette $8.50

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