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Recessionless Fall Break and Cancer Screening Test

October 31st, 2011 at 09:44 pm

'Feeling conflicted...are we holding up the economy or just fortunate?' I asked on my FB page before our family went to Yosemite Nat Park last week for fall break. The day before we left, my teen had remarked his first best friend was going to Hawaii and second was going to Disney World. Without missing a beat, I smiled and looked him in the eye and didn't have to say, 'You are living a good life and don't forget it.' He smiled back and knew exactly what wasn't spoken.

Fall colors in Curry Village

Near the end of the week I had a routine but serious cancer screen test (all's well) and was reasonably surprised at how bustling the medical office was.

The restaurants are busy, the Halloween costume stores queued. I am a fairly informed person and obtain news from a variety of sources.

So I'm having trouble getting a grasp on the overall economic climate. Maybe it's more useful to grasp the local economic climate. In which case, it seems to be okay by me.

Tiny Fern Springs

Some thoughtful replies to my post?
"About half of all familes were reletively unscathed by this recession. And many people would rather live on credit rather than cut back on spending."

"Don't think too hard. I suspect you are seeing everything as it is."

"I think it's good fortune and good planning. You are both [myself and my husband] working in fields that weren't hit as hard by the recession as other fields, and I know you have always worked very hard to live within your means. I agree that you should enjoy your vacation."

My empirical conclusion, without a load of proper data, is that the better off folks are doing okay, and the borderline folks are doing worse.

Mirror Lake Reflection

Let me leave on an upbeat (but perhaps still confusing) note!! I received a special order for a large set of invitations of these recently...

Ransom Party Invitations

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5 Responses to “Recessionless Fall Break and Cancer Screening Test”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    "many people would rather live on credit rather than cut back on spending."

    I think this sums up regional economics. I was frequenting another financial message board and was surprised how many people were viewed as "poor" for being frugal. I am accustomed to being viewed as "stupid" perhaps, but not "poor." Perhaps somewhat due to my career and zip code. It's generally assumed we just choose to be cheap and "miserable." Because clearly if we have a little money in the bank, and no debt (I am vocal about that), then we are just depriving oursleves for no reason. $1,000 in the bank looks might fine to anyone with a negative net worth. There is a major lack of looking at the big picture (er, saving for retirement, future) in my own age group. If I only had $1000 in the bank, I'd be working a second job, personally. (And/Or majorly cutting expenses).

    I just recently heard that 50% kids in our school district were "low income." I personally think a lot of spouses are out of work, people are collecting unemployment, but have nest eggs, etc. Either that or they are just in debt up to their eyeballs - I see no indication that I live in a low income neighborhood. I know a LOT of people out of work, but don't see significant scaling back. I was surprised by sheer number of people who did Disney during fall break. Yes, we did Disney, but few seem willing to cut the corners that we do. Schoolmate with financial issues did a 11-day trip, for one. I tried not to assume much - could have visited family? But from all accounts sound like they had quite the vacation. They just told us they were worried if they could keep their house. ???

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    P.S. I LOVE Yosemite - must be gorgeous in the fall.

    & LOVE those invites. HA!

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Yes, at least two other families were in Hawaii. These are teachers and real-estate agents and middle class folks. I am only assuming they are responsible financially (maybe that is my way of being stoopid).

  4. baselle Says:

    I see a lot of consolidation in stores and retail - a lot of For Sale/For Rent signs, but for the business selling something that people want, lots of business. Amongst friends, co workers and acquaintances, I see plenty of hanging on if you are overextended, and plenty of tight-lippedness if you are doing reasonably well or if you are frugal. Just a lot of quiet hanging on. Remember that even when the underemployment rate (shadow stats) is 20%, it means that 80% have a job and mostly have means. Nobody's dumb enough to brag; nobody is dumb enough to believe that good times are just around the corner; and nobody is willing to "take one for the team" and splurge for no reason.

  5. dmontngrey Says:

    A bunch of coworkers were discussing going on a cruise together. I heard "YOU are going too!" Uh, no. I don't have the money to do that. This particular coworker is underwater in her mortgage - that is TWICE mine. She was happy to brag that her DH got a truck "just like" the one my DH has. Uh, no - not when our truck is 12 years old and we paid cash. Theirs is a year or two old, FANCY, and cost well over $30K. Yikes. What's debt when you're having FUN?

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