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October 7th, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Catching up on my education? It's been a number of years since high school (ok, a big number!). And although I read for pleasure moderately in my 20s BC (before children) that particular pastime took a really long break until the past few years. Who has time to read with kids under 5 years old?! Wasn't me.

Now with a little time on my hands during a 45 minute bus commute each way for work, I keep my iPhone busy promoting my handmade jewelry. Such as letting folks know of a free offer on this 14K gold filled amethyst ring (see below for more info).

Original design in 14K gold filled wire, amethyst and zircon 3/4 ring

But a few weeks ago I peeked into the iBooks symbol. Firstly, I had picked up a little card at a Starbux for a free book download. OK, I like free and never tried it before. It turns out it was somewhat of a tease, only the first 100 pages of about 300 of a particular book were given free. But that hurdle was easily jumped because my local (fairly well off) library had the new book for lending (it was 'The Night Circus' by the way, really good fun!).

Not 2 days later I returned to the iBooks place and curiousity took me into the 'FREE' section after another moment. There were some interesting titles, old stuff like Mark Twain and Marx and Asimov and Louisa May Alcott of course. But I just wanted something for a bus ride, not too heavy or ponderous.

For whatever reason, I downloaded Oscar Wilde. Haven't read anything of his and didn't know much of anything about him. 'Picture of Dorian Gray' was the only one offered of his. So I started it. And guess what? It's pretty engaging, the guy waxes philosophical every other page!! HAHAHA! After a few chapters I looked up a summary in Wikipedia. What a hoot, a veritable 1800s soap opera. Anyone else read this?

Of course I was inspired to look up 'refined' 'aristocrat' 'gentleman' 'britain' and the like in etsy for a treasury. Here is what I found...

See each thing closer

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And if you made it this far
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Thanks for reading!
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