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Before You Go Shop!

October 4th, 2011 at 08:03 pm

Around this time of year I start seeing blog posts here (and elsewhere) asking for opinions on what gifts are suitable for this situation or how best to fulfill holiday giving without spending a fortune.

It isn't hard to give great gifts while at the same time saving your sanity with some ingenuity.

TIP No. 1

Have you been to any of the craft boutiques lately? They are not just full of little old ladies knitting booties, trust me. The do it yourself movement exploded a few years ago, and is still going strong. The secret is that the work of crafters can FAR outshine things you find in the commercial stores. Ideas and wares that will delight and amaze you. TRY IT!

Just one of my own designs coming to a holiday boutique (similar items already available at
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Lightweight sapphire blue knit gloves are ready for the party circuit (or sleighride!). Luxurious black feather trim around the wrists and glass buttons on the back show classic taste for all occasions. One size fits all (adult).

Other tips I have passed along just today?

Tip No. 2
Help them get active with outdoor and fitness gear. I love the 'used' sports store near me (Play It Again Sam). They have loads of ideas for my teen boy, a hard to please group. Free weights (even little ones great for the active women), skateboard gear (at WAY less prices than new), ski wear, and on and on.

Tip No. 3
Now is the time to peruse Craig's list for good electronics that fill your needs perfectly. For example, I don't need the brand newest digital camera, last year's model is fine for my kids. Ditto game systems, and most things electronic. Here's where I read very objective and thorough reviews of electronics I am considering (before and during the process)
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More tips in coming weeks, come back and see!

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