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Need a Magic Charm?

September 28th, 2011 at 07:02 pm

After reading 'Why the Greeks Matter' (a book examining the ancient lifestyles especially in philosophy, art, science) I was inspired to play around finding these inside Etsy...

Amulets? Talisman? Enough said in this economy.

Get more detail on each item

Text is HERE and Link is

But seriously, I learned alot from that book about our modern society .

...Socrates was tried and convicted in a public (ancient Greek) court for 'corrupting the young' (basically questioning authority). And put to death by hemlock!!

...Plato taught in an olive grove called an 'Academia' because olive groves were a place sacred to the Greek hero Academos. That's why we call our big buildings for learning an 'academy' and 'academic'.

...Aristotle, a student of Plato, was the greatest categorizer who ever lived and it was he who gave us the academic categories we still use today. From his filing cabinet for the Western world: -ologies, ses, -ics, such as biology (he invented outright), meteorology, metaphysics, politics, etc etc etc.

Aristotle taught Alexander the Great and then there came the emergence of Romans out of Greeks. Society moved toward Christianity starting with Emperor Constantine (the first Roman emperor to become Christian).

Fascinating, I love this stuff. Maybe some of you already have an education in the classic societies, but it is a hard subject to grasp!! There were real somewhat regular people (tribes), specific ways of life dispersed in parts of the world. It is a matter of getting an overview of how it fit together and a sense of how much time lapsed in the societal developments.

It started with reading Walking the Bible (about what is historically proven in the Bible), and I am also reading other books about how did monotheism emerge. These books are a mixture of fact and opinion, conjecture and study, and I LOVE IT!!

It can take a lifetime to make get a small limited understanding, and some folks referenced in these books have done just that. But never too late to start, right?

3 Responses to “Need a Magic Charm?”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Do you ever make your rings any larger than a size seven? I've often been tempted by the prettiness of them, but even my pinky is a size 8. For example, I just love the sterling crystal ball and ring one that is in your sidebar, but I'd never be able to wear it.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Hi ms robin! Yes I can make something in a larger size. Let me get to you during the first week of Oct with examples from my direct email. Most of the rings I've designed this year are adjustable. And thanks so much for the compliments, it sometimes seems like I'm talking to myself alot!

  3. Jackie Says:

    I have always found such subjects interesting. I am constantly reading to learn. There are so many interesting things to learn.

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