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Red. Green. and Football?

September 23rd, 2011 at 04:29 pm

Faced with a bag of frozen cranberries from 2010 (on sale for about a dollar after the holidays) and a stream of ripening backyard garden zucchini, I got busy making breads and muffins yesterday. Great for time saving breakfast and lunchboxes, sweet but a sure way to add vegetables and fruits to my kid's diet.

Yield? 12 zucchini / walnut muffins and 24 mini cranberry orange muffins. All in the freezer for passing out over the next couple weeks.

And am I the only one who 'cashes' in on the grocery store mark down rack? I scrutinize the day old breads and discontinued product areas almost every time I visit. Think these are a bargain?

4 Blueberry turnovers $1.50
Med canister of quick oats $0.79

Here's a SMART idea from our local food bank. FoodShare (our organization) is having a FRUITSHARE on Saturday. They will take donations of excess backyard produce. I am bringing a BIG zucchini.

Here's a little fun, first time I will try to embed an Etsy treasury into my blog. A treasury is a collection of 16 handmade items on Etsy to showcase and promote. Any person on Etsy can make one and they are very popular and can be really beautiful. There is usually a theme such as color, type of item, etc. This one is obvious!!

Get onto this webpage live (and click on the individual items)

Text is here... and Link is

1 Responses to “Red. Green. and Football?”

  1. starfishy Says:

    i love red and gray together - always been one of my fave color combos! i got some bbq items in my grocery store clearance bin today - 4 metal skewers, 6 pairs of corn ear handles, 50 bamboo skewers (which I want to use as plant stakes) for $1.25.

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