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$5 Fashion

July 24th, 2011 at 03:42 pm

No one ever accused me of being a slave to fashion, hmph. It's been classic simple stuff for work (dress pants and plain T-necks or oxford shirts) and sweats at home for years. Nope, not much priority on hair cuts or color and nails, are you kidding?!

So when it comes to eyeglasses, it's all about practical. I've had to wear them since grade school and need a really small lens (kid's size) because they are really thick. Not much fashion choice there.

A few years ago when we had our camper I discovered those 'over-the-glasses' sunglasses. We were at a Camping World store for some necessary item, and there was a rack of nicely styled shades. I never use prescription shades because of the hassle taking them on and off and storing them, and because my regular glasses are just such an instinctive part of me (they are ALWAYS on).

But for years I could have really benefited from sunglasses. Just ask the major crinkles on my face from squinting in the California sun.

Anyway, these were not the bland kind from the drugstore that really old folks wear after a doctor appointment. They were kinda shapely and looked a little better. So I snatched a pair and wore them constantly for the next 3 years.

Wore them out in fact.

So when I saw a sunglass kiosk going out of biz yesterday and noticed they had some NEW NICER over-the-glasses sunglasses I jumped at the chance. The sign said everything $5 and $10 but it was easy to ask for any pair for $5. WOOT! Designer stuff, though you know how I feel about that, right?

In fact, I dolled up my $5 brunette beauties with just the perfect copper swarovski crystals last night. (so sweet to already have the crystals on hand left over from a jewelry project, no extra cost).

Finally, I stitched up a scrap of black felt as a case. And now you can call me The Frugal Fashionable Artisan, ok?

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2 Responses to “$5 Fashion”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    That's nifty! My last pair of glasses had magnetic sunglass attachments that I love. Of course, zenni optical sells some sort of sunglass attachment for most of their glasses. I didn't buy it when I ordered my current glasses, because didn't seem near as nice as the magnetic ones (though I suppose I could have tried).

    I have never heard over "over the glasses" sunglasses - so thanks for the tip!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    I actually tried the magnetic ones once, and lost them too quickly Frown kinda expensive, so I bailed on that option. Just not careful enough.

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