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Volunteering and Hoping for a Profit

July 15th, 2011 at 04:21 pm

No, the two title subjects are not mutually exclusive! All day Saturday I am volunteering in the local art association gallery during the annual Pirate Festival. This event draws thousands of visitors and we are super busy!

One of our attractions is a kid's crafts table in the store. We'll make eye patches for example.

Donating generously with volunteer hours brings favor ~ I am welcome to set up a display of my own wares in the store as well. I'll have a treasure chest filled with my original jewelry and perhaps a few gold dubloons!

Want to see a couple new things debuting for sale?

Opposites Attract Earrings
Olive green pearl and serpentine meet fuschia! On 14K GF wires.

Champagne and Gold Earrings
Party sparkle in crystal and pearl. On 14K GF wires.

Here's to hoping for a modest day of profit! Have a good weekend yourself. (Tweets and FB links for those who want in the left side bar...)

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